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"Red chalk, which not only heightens a sketch's gestural drama, but also complements human contours the way blush highlights cheekbones.  The human face and body are more realistically rendered in red chalk." 


Source:  Dowell, Susan Stiles, "Glimpses of the Masters," Southern Accents, Jan/Feb 2002, p. 48.


  • A great age to draw children is between 4 and 6 years old. Their nose is formed (not as flat as it often is as a baby) and they have yet to lose their teeth, which affects their mouth and smile and shape of their jaw. 
  • Since my portraits are drawn from photographs, you can use old pictures if you want to go back and capture that innocence of youth.
  • It's all in the eyes - so make sure the photograph has a clear image of the subject's eyes.
  • Portraits are not photographs and though we tend to like photographs where the subjects have large and happy smiles a serene, contemplative look makes for a more pleasing portrait.






                recent drawings

Sanguine portrait - Deaton boys 2011
Sanguine Portrait - Addison 2009
Sanguine Portrait - Grayson - 2008
Sanguine Portrait - LaPorte 2008
Sanguine portrait - Adele 2009
Meredith - 2010
Sanguine portrait - Connor 2009
Sanguine Portrait - picture from 1970s - Jennifer 2009
Sanguine Portrait - Luke 2008
Sanguine Portrait - Hull 2008

Sanguine:  adj 1:  confidently optimistic and cheerful  2:  inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life, "a ruddy complextion', "Santa's rubicund cheeks", "a fresh and sanguine complexion" (syn:  rubicand, ruddy)  

Source:  Word/Net 1.6, 1997 Princeton University